The 2015 F1 Season is already shaping up to be quite interesting. With possible rule changes and further safety precautions on the horizon, the sport could be a little bit different in the future. One change that is undeniably for the better is the reemergence of Honda. You may or may not recall that Honda was once a dominant force in F1 racing for decades and the Japanese automaker is eyeing a return to its former F1 glory. Take a look at the video below for an inside look at Honda's past and future in the sport.

We know that we'll never get to blast down Shelburne Rd in a high powered F1 racer, but we can certainly have fun in Honda's sporty new 2015 Civic. One of the staples of Honda's lineup, the Civic is as fun as ever to drive.

So if you're in the Burlington area and are in need of an extremely fun, sporty vehicle to drive, we suggest you race into The Automaster at 3328 Shelburne Rd and we'll we'll show you around the available Honda models and make sure you find the right amount of fun to inject into your vehicular lifestyle.

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