Here at The Automaster Honda we're pretty sure that we can all agree that the baby in the video above is cute, but the real question is this: why are we sharing this video in the first place? Well, if that's something that you were pondering, please allow us to explain: it's all to help out Fred Savage.

Actually, please allow us to explain that one too. You see, back in October Honda signed Fred Savage as the new voice of the brand, but there's a hitch; the actor hasn't done a lot of voiceover work in the past.

Don't worry; as you can see in the new Honda models here in Shelburne, VT, the automaker is quite innovative so they had a resolution. The video above is one of many home videos that fans sent to Honda so that Fred Savage can practice over his voiceover skills.

All bias aside, we think he's got it and we're looking forward to hearing his first official commercial with Honda. In the meantime, however, we welcome you to stop by our dealership serving Burlington and Williston with any automotive needs that you may have.

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