What does a SUV need to do to be considered for Motor Trend's SUV of the year? Perhaps it’s the look of the model, the exterior design making mouths water and knees buckle. Or perhaps it comes down to technology keeping the inner geek in all of us very much alive. It may even be simpler than that. It may just be about performance--that is, the ability to journey across difficult terrains and horrid weather conditions.

The answer to this year's Motor Trend's SUV of the year riddle? Flexibility and the 2015 Honda CR-V.

It's flexibility that sets the Honda CR-V apart from its competitors; it’s the thought of not only comfortably being able to carry a vast amount of cargo but journey to wherever your life takes you. From work to play, the Honda CR-V and its suite of convenient features like HondaLink and Rearview Camera make the transition quick and painless.

Experience the Honda CR-V for yourself with the specialists at Automaster Honda in the Shelburne region today.

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